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Furzedown Dyslexia is based in Tooting, southwest London and offers dyslexia assessments for both children and adults.

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that affects reading and writing skills. It often runs in families and can be experienced by people of all abilities.

For a young child, dyslexia typically means persistent difficulties with learning to read, despite good teaching and lots of opportunities to practice. Reading accuracy, speed or comprehension can all be affected. They may struggle to learn the spellings of everyday words or to develop their overall writing skills. They may find some aspects of maths hard and difficulties with verbal memory and speed of information processing are also common.

Older students may have worked hard to overcome early literacy difficulties but still find reading and writing tasks challenging, particularly in timed conditions. As a result, they may struggle with study skills, revision or examinations, often becoming overwhelmed when dealing with large quantities of information.

Why have an assessment?

If the difficulties being experienced are having a significant impact on academic progress, it may be worth considering a diagnostic assessment to get a detailed picture of an individual's literacy and processing skills, together with personalised advice on how to move forward.

Find out more about how the assessment process works.

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